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How to Attract New Customers

Every small business owner wants to attract new customers. Here are five time-tested ways to help you grow your business and solidify your long-term success:

1. Ask for referrals. Implement a referral system (Buy One Get One Free or Bring a Friend deals) to actively solicit referrals from your satisfied customers.  Then reward them with a coupon for 10% off their next service when they refer a new client. 

2. Offer discounts for new customers. Introductory offers can lure in customers by providing a low-risk way to try your products or services. Track which customers redeem the  offer, then target them with marketing messages enticing them to keep buying from you.

3. Re-contact old customers. Review your customer contacts on a regular basis and, after six months or a year without an interaction or purchase, reach out to them with a special offer via email or text.

4. Improve your website. Consumers primarily find new businesses by searching online. That means your website must attract new customers. Give your website a once-over to make sure that the design, content, graphics and SEO are up to date.

5. Use online reviews to your advantage. Link to reviews on your website and post signage in your location urging customers to check you out on Yelp (or wherever the reviews are). Customers are more likely to give your business a try if they see others praising it.

6. Sell Spa Packages.  By offering a discount when clients buy services in bulk, you will keep your customers coming back again and again. 

7. Conduct a Spa Open House.  An open house is a great way to get recognition for your spa’s grand or re-opening, or to attract new customers.  Offer, free food and wine, giveaways, and incentives to return.

Next Steps?  Implement several of these ideas to increase business and don’t forget to measure their success.  If something is working well, do more of it.  If something is not working, stop and double-down on the ideas that are generating new customers.

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