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Health Matching Account

A Health Matching Account is not an HSA!

It is an extraordinary option you can use to as a savings plan to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, surgical procedures, deductibles, co-pays, medi spa cosmetic services, vision, dental, and pharmacy costs.

This account is ideal for elective procedures such as Lasik, plastic surgery, hair transplants, fertility procedures, laser treatments, hormone treatments, and much more!

  • Every dollar you contribute to your plan is matched ! (minimum plan = 35 months)
  • Dramatically lowers your monthly health insurance premiums !
  • Provides up to a 50% discount to your clients seeking standard or elective procedures !
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How Is This Possible?!

The HMA secures you up to $2 in medical benefits for every $1 that you contribute into your plan on a monthly basis as the program progresses. Additionally, ABE members who sign up with HMA will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card (reference code ABE).

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