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National Laser Certification

What is National Laser Certification?

Continuing education is an important way to stay up to speed on industry standards and to improve one’s skills. National laser certification sets a standard that defines what it means to be a professional.

Certification is a credential earned when someone ‘stands’ for a national or an international examination. It means these candidates have ‘gone the extra mile’ to compare their knowledge and skills against national norms. Certification is not a substitute for training or licensing. Instead, it validates the training a person has taken.

National Laser Certification technician

ABE proudly offers the Certified Laser Professional (CLP) Certification. This is a credible test that verifies one’s skill level to operate a laser for hair removal and photo-rejuvenation, keeping clients safe and establishing an industry standard.

  • National Laser Certification status that is good for six years.
  • We provide a comprehensive laser study manual along with our online exam.
  • The CLP exam consists of 100 online questions that must be answered in 120 minutes, and touches on key issues pertaining to safety, terminology, application, background, and specifications.

What is the Cost to Become Certified?

$300 for ABE members and $395 for non-members.

Why Should I Become Certified?

Many technicians become certified to improve their skills and the profession, or simply to advertise their laser credentials to clients and potential clients.