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The PDO Thread Lift Explained

The PDO (polydioxanone) Thread Lift is a minimally invasive non-surgical aesthetic procedure that instantly lifts and tightens loose skin with minimal downtime. 

Threads, which have small cones/graspers on them, are passed under the skin via a large needle.  Once inserted, the barbed threads anchor to the skin, and the practitioner contours the face. The excess threads are then cut off.  Depending on the areas treated, the procedure may take 15-30 minutes to contour.

In addition to lifting and tightening skin, as the thread dissolves, it causes the body to create more of what the skin needs to stay youthful: collagen and elastin proteins.  For this reason, some of the most popular areas to treat include the face, jowls, neck, arms, hands, stomach, inner thighs, and knees.

Results can vary based on the tissue laxity, and the type, amount, and location of the threads used.  While results last 18 months to two years, patients see an improvement in the treatment area right away.  However, the best improvements are seen as the threads dissolve and collagen levels boost in the skin.

Side effects that occur include:

  • Pain, redness, and swelling at the injection points,
  • Threads protruding from the skin, and
  • Bruising and minor bleeding in the area of the procedure.

A one-day training course for this procedure can be found by searching online for ‘PDO Thread Lift Training.’  Additionally, the procedure should not be performed on people who are pregnant or breast-feeding, have autoimmune and somatic diseases, have an active skin infection or inflammation, or who have with blood clotting or bleeding disorders.

If you provide PDO Thread Lifts in your spa and need an insurance provider that covers this treatment, Allied Beauty Experts can help.  Simply call our experts at 1-800-444-7546 today, so we can serve your needs.