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The Do’s & Don’ts of Permanent Cosmetics: For Technicians

Permanent makeup (PMU) refers to cosmetic tattoos that enable you to recreate your client’s favorite makeup look in a semi-permanent manner. Thanks to the exploding interest in permanent brows – microblading – in recent years, cosmetic tattoos are now mainstream for lips, eyes, and even faux freckles. 

For this reason, we’ve created a list of Do’s and Don’ts for PMU technicians:


1. Get professionally trained. Training usually lasts up to 6 months or a total of 300 hours.

2. Create a portfolio of previous clients with photos for potential clients.

3. Have your client read and sign the Consent & Release form.

4. Ensure you conduct a patch test to make sure your client doesn’t have an allergic reaction to the pigments.

5. Manage your client’s expectations in advance. The color may be surprisingly dark at first, so communicate to your client that it could fade, change color, or move.   


1. Skimp on health and hygiene standards. The pigmented area must be hygienically prepared and used needles should never be kept for a client’s future appointment.

2. Work in open-area beauty salons.  Hair salons run the risk of airborne pathogens from acrylic nails and hair products. Contaminants from the air should be kept to a minimum to ensure safe cosmetic tattooing.

3. Perform procedures on mature clients with thin and sensitive skin, or clients with very dry or oily skin.

4. Forget to stretch the skin properly. A good, taut stretch flattens the skin, allowing the needle to enter easily and create clean and smooth lines, pixels, and shading.

5. Do procedures on people who have image dysphoria, as they will never be satisfied.

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