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Need a Medical Director for Your Spa?  We Can Help.

If you practice Medical Aesthetics in the United States, you may need to employ a qualified medical professional – often a physician – to oversee your operations. This person is typically known as a medical director, and they are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, compliant environment in your medspa.

They accomplish this by supervising the technicians who perform medical aesthetic procedures, and they craft the protocols under which the practice operates.

How do you know if you need a medical director?  This depends on your  insurance and state and medical regulations.  Simply put, if you are not allowed to operate independently in your jurisdiction, having a medical director enables you to provide many medspa services.  You should educate yourself on your state’s guidelines because rules and regulations differ by state.

Depending on the state, a medical director is typically required to have experience in Medical Aesthetics and they may also be required to have financial ownership.  Although the medical procedures on a medspa menu are non-surgical, med spas are still medical organizations that must adhere to the same rules and regulations as doctors’ offices.

As you can imagine, the benefits of having a medical director are vast, including an improved image for your business, credibility, and the ability to offer more services which enables you to make more money.

Historically, medspas have had difficulty finding a medical director, so Allied Beauty Experts has created a solution to help you find this critical resource.  For our members, we:

  • Source the medical director.
  • Vet their qualifications.
  • Introduce you to medical directors for your review and approval.
  • Negotiate the contract and a preferred rate for them to serve as your medical director.

To begin the process of finding a medical director, please fill out the form here.  To your medspa’s continued success.

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