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Potentially Harmful Chemicals Still Used in Beauty Products  

While significant progress has been made in making the beauty industry safer, certain cosmetic products continue to present a small risk to the consumer as they utilize chemicals that could be considered unsafe.    

Research shows that women use an average of 12 beauty products per day that contain upwards of 168 different chemicals. While men tend to use fewer products than their female counterparts, they still apply in excess of 80 chemicals on their bodies on average daily. 

Here are some chemicals used in the beauty industry to be mindful of: 

Coal tar dyes. Now made primarily from petroleum, coal tar dyes are hair colorants that are still named after the byproducts from the industry they used to be made from. This product contains an ingredient called p-Phenylenediamine, which has been known to cause allergic reactions among users.   

Petrolatum/petroleum jelly. Petrolatum in its unrefined form can potentially contain toxic chemicals known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, overexposure to which can cause cardiovascular problems.  

Siloxanes or silicones. Certain siloxane compounds have been determined to be toxic and potentially of detriment to proper hormone production.    

Sodium laureth sulfate. Derived from ethoxylated lauryl alcohol, this chemical has been known to cause irritations to the skin and eyes.    

Harmful chemicals are just one of the many potentially hazardous elements you need to be prepared for if you work in the beauty industry. Allied Beauty Experts has the leading insurance program to cover private labeling of spa products at a very reasonable rate.

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