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Is a Health Matching Account Right for You?

There are many ways to cover your medical expenses. The truth is that most people are constantly preparing for that moment when they will inevitably need healthcare, whether it be from some accident, sickness, childbirth, etc., so it is crucial to be prepared and ready for those times. 

One way to cover medical expenses is by using a Health Matching Account (HMA), which is not the same as medical insurance. An HMA is the ultimate medical benefit savings account, as it covers out-of-pocket medical expenses.

How do Health Matching Accounts work?
HMAs are Federally insured, patented health savings plans where you pay a fixed monthly contribution, which is then matched by the HMA.

How Is This Possible?
HMAs secure you up to $2 in medical benefits for every $1 contributed to your account as the program progresses.  When you pay $5,000 over 35 months, you get $10,000 to spend on any medical procedure.  Contribute $10,000 and receive $20,000, etc.  You get the picture!

What does an HMA cover?
You can use the money in your account to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, surgical procedures, deductibles, co-pays, med spa cosmetic services, vision, dental, pharmacy costs, and elective procedures such as Lasik, plastic surgery, hair transplants, fertility procedures, laser treatments, hormone treatments, and more, as long as the procedure is done by a physician.    

How Do I Learn More?
Allied Beauty Experts is pleased to partner with HMA Account Services to give our members access to the best programs available. To speak with an expert at HMA Account Services, complete this form. Allied Beauty Expert members who sign up with HMA Services will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card (reference code ABE).