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Five Tips to Help You Decide How to Train Employees

One of the best ways to avoid an insurance claim against your spa or salon is to ensure that your employees are properly trained on the equipment and techniques they use with your customers.  Unfortunately, however, some employees and owners take training shortcuts, which can lead to costly mistakes.

Here are five tips as it relates to training that we encourage all owners and trainees to follow:

1. Nothing takes the place of live, hands-on training.  Yes, online training courses exist, but most people learn better if they participate in the technique with their own hands.  In addition, live training enables the student to ask questions and get instant feedback from a professional instructor.

2. Safety training is a must.  Training courses teach a person how to do a particular treatment or work with a certain machine.  Above and beyond this, there are courses dedicated to safety (such as laser safety) that any employee should take who operates a certain machine.

3. There’s almost no legislation to say any minimum level of qualification is necessary to carry out Botox and dermal filler injections. Therefore, it’s critical that you require proof of qualifications before you consider hiring a candidate interested in working with injectables.

4. Use current employees as trainers.  Employees in mid-level positions or who have been with you longer may be a great choice to give additional training to new hires.  Pick your most competent employees and ask them to pass on their knowledge and skills. 5. Vet the school you want to attend in advance of signing up.  How much experience do the trainers have?  Has the school had any malpractice claims?  What do people say who attended the school?  If the training is in a hotel room or all you do is watch videos in a classroom, run.

Ultimately, you know what’s right for you and your spa. These tips are meant as guidelines to point you in the right direction as you decide how to train workers.  If you have questions about training, we’d love to help.  Simply reach out to an ABE expert today.