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Beauty Industry Trends

Now that 2022 has passed its midway point, we have a better idea of what trends are emerging in the beauty industry, which will define the year. Here are a few beauty industry trends to consider as you gear up for the final two quarters of your business year:  

Ferment Ascent
The rise of fermented beauty product ingredients appears poised to continue unabated for the foreseeable future. Initially a primarily Japanese and Korean phenomenon, other markets have embraced the use of fermented rose, soy, barley, millet, fig, etc. as ingredients in skincare products.  A metabolic process whereby electrons released from nutrients are transferred to molecules obtained from the breakdown of those same nutrients, fermentation helps beauty product ingredients more effectively penetrate skin and deliver their contents to their intended destination.

Spikey Brows
While there were mutterings of the 90s skinny brow making a comeback, the fluffy brow isn’t going anywhere—it’s just getting spiker. The slicked-up, editorial brow will still be very much on-trend in 2022, likely because it looks so good with minimal skin. We’ll also see more people opt for semi-permanent microblade brows, which creates fuller-looking brows.

Waterless Products
Started in South Korea, waterless, water-free, or anhydrous beauty refers to skincare and cosmetic products that are formulated without water. Instead, they use various butters, oils, waxes, and oil-soluble actives as ingredients. The benefits? Beyond simple water conservation, these products are typically made without broad-spectrum preservatives, such as bacteria, mold, and yeast.

The long-term effects of beauty trends will not be known for years, which is why having comprehensive insurance coverage should be a priority for anyone working within the industry.  Click HERE to obtain a Quick Quote or call one of our experts at 1.800.444.7546 to discuss how we can help.

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