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Payment Terms

Payment Terms

The account holder hereby agrees that once their insurance policy is bound, membership and other fees are nonrefundable. Refunds for any insurance premium must be approved by ABE and are issued on a prorated basis. The initial payment is not charged immediately on submission of this form but is charged on approval.

Insurance Policy Payment Plan Terms

Payment Plan Terms: Setup Fee = $25, Monthly Payment Charge = Balance Due x 1.5% or $20.00, whichever is greater. Down payment = 50% of the Total Amount. A $20 processing fee is added to each monthly payment. Payments are automatically deducted on the 1st of each month.

I authorize Allied Beauty Experts to charge the agreed upon monthly payment to my Mastercard, Visa, American Express each month. Payments apply first to membership fees, taxes, administrative fees and testing fees.

I understand that the entire insurance premium is earned at inception and that no refunds are allowed. I also understand and agree that should I be more than 15 days late on any payment, the full amount of the contract shall become due immediately. I understand that there will be a late payment fee of at least $30.00 added to my balance.